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Submitted by City Administrator on 17/01/14 04:56
Alan Spacek Runs for Mayor 2014
Alan Spacek Runs for Mayor 2014


Alan Spacek is a Canadian politician, currently serving as mayor of Kapuskasing, Ontario. Formerly a businessman who owned a furniture store, a stereo equipment store and a Source by Circuit City franchise in Kapuskasing, he was elected mayor of the town in the 2006 municipal elections.


Spacek was previously also a director of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund and the College of Nurses of Ontario.

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Submitted by City Administrator on 17/01/14 04:38
City of Timmins Property Tax Hike 2014
City of Timmins Residence can Expect Property Tax to Rise in 2014.


Mayor Tom Laughren & Council See No Other way to Balance City of Timmins Budget Deficit.


The governing body of the City of Timmins is City Council. It consists of the Mayor and councillors from each of the City’s five wards. Members of Council are elected by residents to a four-year term of office.

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Submitted by City Administrator on 15/01/14 05:47
Timmins Brand

The Brand Story

What is the ‘Brand Story’?

The brand story is the unique impression of Timmins that people will remember long after visiting or interacting with our community.

Our brand story is that we are resource-rich, and we welcome people and businesses who are looking for opportunities to build on those resources.


Our Brand Promise

  • When you come to Timmins, there are resources of all kinds, for everyone.

  • We’ll help you find an opportunity to make the most of those resources, whether you’re a business, a family or a visitor.

  • Our community wants you to succeed, whatever your definition of success is. And we have the services, the facilities and the people to help you do it.


What do we want people to remember about resources in Timmins?

  • Timmins is a city of resources and opportunity.

  • When we talk about resources, we don’t just mean minerals and trees. We mean people, knowledge, technology, fresh air, water, skills and a northern quality of life.

  • But we are also THE experts in engineering, business, management, labour and and remediation in mining and resource extraction.

  • We can teach the world how to “do it right”.


What do we want people to remember about opportunities in Timmins?

  • We’re booming: we are growing more than most other places, especially in Northern Ontario.


What do we want people to remember about the lifestyle in Timmins?

  • Access to some of the best Canadian outdoor recreational experiences (e.g. snow mobile trails, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, community hockey, running trails).

  • We’re the ideal size: not too big and impersonal, not too small and uninteresting.

  • A great place to raise a family.

  • Small-town feel with big-city amenities.

  • Easy access to the outdoors.

  • Many opportunities for work, study, play, socializing, raising kids.


How can we tell the ‘Brand Story’?

  • Talk up Timmins! Be an ambassador! No one wants to hang out with people who are always pessimistic, complaining, or down-in-the-dumps, right? It’s the same thing with cities. Be positive about the good things we have, and help address some of the issues we need to work on. Let’s be optimistic about our future, because that kind of attitude is contagious.

  • Using the brand messages, the visuals and logo in your promotional material will help build a consistent image of Timmins. If you’re a business or individual that doesn’t create a lot of promotional material, you can still help by talking about the city with pride!

  • Add the logo to your email signature line!

  • Put an “Im In” logo sign in your window!


History of the Community Brand

During the Timmins 2020 Strategic Plan process, residents said they wanted a way to feel proud of the community. They recognized that Timmins needs to blow its own horn a little more, and that we need to promote the great things we have going for us. But we need to do this in a consistent way. If we all get behind the same message and promote it, the message becomes much more powerful. That’s why we now have a community brand and logo…it’s something we can ALL use to promote our city.

The Brand Story was developed through community effort, research, consultation and public participation. Approximately 1,000 people participated in the development of the brand strategy, through workshops, surveys and interviews.


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